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Anyway for customer to add fields to a form prompt when raising request


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Is it possible for a customer to add fields to a form prompt with a button so multiple pieces of text can be defined in one form prompt? In InfoPath we did this with repeating rows so users could dynamically add rows to a prompt but couldn't see if there was a way to do this in Hornbill. 

Hopefully I'm making sense in my question.


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Hi @James Ainsworth

Thanks for that they will be very useful in future. 

For instance what I'm looking for on the service portal, when a user opens a request and gets asked to input a quote number they are only going to be able to enter one without filling another request. However they may need to input multiple quote numbers which could get painful to raise a request for each one inputting a different quote number in each time. Because this could vary from 1 to whatever ideally we would like to be able for them to press effectively a button similar to Add Item (in screenshot below) so they can add multiple quote numbers in one request. 

Think I'm making sense there, sounds like it may be a feature request and I suppose we could enter multiple fields and hide them if no value provided but would be nice if there was a way they could add items dynamically from the service portal. 





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Hi Ryan,

From the above screenshot I'm assuming that you are using something like a Static Drop down Select Box as the field type on your custom Progressive Capture form.  

I'm going to try to look at options that are currently available to see if there is something that you can use now.  Using the conditional fields options in the above video, you should be able to, on a single form in progressive capture, have a field to prompt for the user to enter quote number.  This could then be followed by a Yes/No question Would you like to add another? Yes/No.  Selecting Yes would display another field for adding another quote number and selecting No would continue to the next question.  You can continue this to the maximum number of quote numbers that you want to allow for.  You may even want to provide a description saying what the maximum is... or if they reach the maximum, the next thing you display is some instruction on what to do next, such as " you have reached the maximum of X. please raise a new request for any additional quotes"

Would that get you any closer to what you are looking for?


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