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  1. Team assigned but doesn't appear in request

    @Steven Boardman That will be it . It was the way I was assigning or trying to assign the request creator I must of completely missed the Assign to Request Creator option and instead went for assign variable of "Created By" which meant it was assigning a Team or Analyst! Thanks Ryan
  2. Team assigned but doesn't appear in request

    @Steven Boardman Thanks, I don't assign the owner on the assign team node to a specific person as it could be a number of people. However, the way I'm doing it looks a bit over complicated when I could do just an assignment to request creator. I was doing it by taking the Created By in the request details which seems to not add me as an owner as you point out but as a member. I'm going to modify the BPM and see if that helps. Will post back. Ryan
  3. Team assigned but doesn't appear in request

    @Steven Boardman Sorry the team should be automatically assigned to Support? The workflow action i have is assignment to that Team. I can see the teams in the drop down but I'm wondering why in the above screenshot does it not state already its assigned to Support and Me Ryan
  4. Team assigned but doesn't appear in request

    @Steven Boardman Yes the support Team supports the service I'm a member of Support and IT, but the workflow is assigning the support team and then because I created it assigning me as owner. Are you saying IT need to be under there as a supporting team? If so tha'ts a little strange as I'm a member of the Support Team also. Thanks
  5. Hi, In one of our workflows we have an automated task that assigns our support team automatically, this seems to work as indicated by the checkpoint going green and the timeline states its been assigned to the support team. However the assignment part is blank for both assignment of the owner (done by looking at who created the request) and team . So i'm a little confused, I'm a member of two teams (IT and Support) could this be why? I believe its just a visual thing as the workflow seems to function OK but could be a little confusing. Thanks Ryan
  6. Missing Service Manger from our instance

    @TrevorKillick Thanks Trevor can confirm I can get to Service Manager from the Live portal now so all good. I have setup beta.hornbill.com in Azure just in case for future thanks for fixing on a Sunday! Thanks Ryan
  7. Missing Service Manger from our instance

    I know, and generally they are signed into office anyway but it would be easier to instruct them to go to Beta site direct but will let the know both ways. I'll get it setup just in case. Ryan
  8. Missing Service Manger from our instance

    Thanks, beta won't work currently for us as we are SAML so I would need to add that endpoint in Azure. Will this be fixed today, if not I will get on adding beta endpoint to Azure as we will need this tomorrow. Ryan
  9. Hi, Odd thing today has happened where I can't see Service Manager as an application to go to in the live portal and manually going to /requests is giving me a 404. I've got Super User role and service desk admin and can usually see the request list/services list. I've tried removing and re-adding permissions but a 404 looks more like an server issue to me? Any ideas?
  10. Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for that they will be very useful in future. For instance what I'm looking for on the service portal, when a user opens a request and gets asked to input a quote number they are only going to be able to enter one without filling another request. However they may need to input multiple quote numbers which could get painful to raise a request for each one inputting a different quote number in each time. Because this could vary from 1 to whatever ideally we would like to be able for them to press effectively a button similar to Add Item (in screenshot below) so they can add multiple quote numbers in one request. Think I'm making sense there, sounds like it may be a feature request and I suppose we could enter multiple fields and hide them if no value provided but would be nice if there was a way they could add items dynamically from the service portal. Thanks Ryan
  11. Hi, Is it possible for a customer to add fields to a form prompt with a button so multiple pieces of text can be defined in one form prompt? In InfoPath we did this with repeating rows so users could dynamically add rows to a prompt but couldn't see if there was a way to do this in Hornbill. Hopefully I'm making sense in my question. Ryan
  12. Yep, looks like its fixed it. Thanks Ryan
  13. Thanks, is there an ETA for this? Ryan
  14. Hi, We are having an issue when a basic user raises a request through the service portal. In the BPM after the request is made it automatically assigns the Team (based on the service) and then sends an email to the customer to state that their request has been logged. However we receive the error below. I assume this is because the Basic User doesn't have permission to the mailbox but they can't because they are basic users so how would you respond to a customer automatically unless they are users that have permissions to the mailbox? FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/flowcode/fc_bpm/requestLoggedEmailCustomer): nodeName: Send template email; nodeId: 69de88d9-aad6-4ee4-abdf-3f68d8a5eaed; At 238/1: "Uncaught EspMethodCall:invoke: Operation[mail:sendEntityTemplateMessage] The specified mailbox 'helpdesk' doesn't exist or you have not been granted access to it" throw(e); _fc_node_exec_69de88d9_aad6_4ee4_abdf_3f68d8a5eaed
  15. Mandatory Checklist

    We require this feature as people can complete tasks without actually performing the tasks in the checklist we have asked them to do.