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  1. RyanMesser

    PowerBi issue

    All, Worked out that the API key wasn't authenticating so I created a new one and it ran fine, i guess this is why the runID was returning NULL which is what the argument is length of zero means. Thanks Ryan
  2. RyanMesser

    PowerBi issue

    Hi, Still having the same issue, tried creating the a blank report (no filters or anything) and trying to run powerbi but exactly same error. Ryan
  3. RyanMesser

    Customer Portal error

    Just realized that someone had made portal visbility "hidden" sorry for posting.
  4. RyanMesser

    Customer Portal error

    Hi, Seeing this (attached) error today on the customer portal, i logged in as the guest account and could briefly see the service I created for the customer portal but all of a sudden got the below error. I'm using the portal visibility option to hide from our internal users this service and allowing all contacts that we have to see the service on the customer portal.
  5. RyanMesser

    Missing Services when using Subscribers

    Thanks for response, I was doing it incorrectly I was selecting organization instead of Company. I selected our company and then the service was available I was confused as our company appears both as an organisation and company on the subscriber section.
  6. Hi, Most likely missing something but when I add subscribers to a service using Organizations in order to hide it from other organizations/contacts the service disappears even though I'm a member of the organization? When I remove it it comes back. Thanks Ryan
  7. RyanMesser

    Issue in Chrome

    Will update the rest of the admin team we weren't aware of this. Will post back when this issue happens again. Ryan
  8. RyanMesser

    Unable to Login

    @Victor I'm not subscribed to customer manager ... but had permissions on it which is strange considering i always have had permissions and no issue ..
  9. RyanMesser

    Unable to Login

    Since today, so not sure if there was an update but I'm now unable to login due to this error..
  10. RyanMesser

    Issue in Chrome

    @Victor the error logs contain sensitive information? Wasn't aware of this. Not had it again when we do I will look in developer console on the effected machine. Ryan
  11. RyanMesser

    Issue in Chrome

    Hi, Finally had this happen again, when clicking Raise New - Incident it says the Progressive Capture is empty (it isn't as we use it all the time but today its started doing it). This was on Google Chrome, went to IE and the same error doesn't happen. Log files attached. <attachment removed by ADMIN>
  12. RyanMesser

    PowerBi issue

    @Victor I have PM'd you. Ryan
  13. RyanMesser

    PowerBi issue

    Hi James, No worries yes that's the version of script I'm using in which I get these errors. Ryan
  14. RyanMesser

    Services Portfolio Disappeared

    We have had this issue on a few administrators, can changes like this be notified so we can be prepared to adjust please? As far as I could see I can't see any notice about this change and have for the last hour tried to work out what was wrong, even though i agree in principle with the change.
  15. RyanMesser

    PowerBi issue

    I assume its something to do with the runID, the only reason I can see that the script returns "argument is length of zero" is if runID input is the length of zero? I don't know if that parameter has changed but the only reason I can see why it says what is says.