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Owner's phone number not visible


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A while back you enabled visibility of the owners phone number on the service portal, so customers could call the analyst if needed.

I've just noticed as an analyst I can't see other analysts telephone numbers on the live portal. I can see their email address, organisational membership and other details.

Can you allow the telephone number to be shown to.



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Hi @nasimg

I'm not completely sure which view you are referring to.  Could you add a screen shot?

I'm thinking that you might be referring to the User Profile in the main client.


If this is correct, then this is something that you have control over.  The phone number is in the Contact Details section which by default is only visible to "Followers''.  There are a couple of ways you can change this.

1.) Each user can select which areas of information about themselves are visible to users.  They can change the visibility to Public to allow everyone to see their number.  


2.) If an admin requires a particular field to always be visible to everyone for all users, they can use the Form Designer on a User Profile to move a field from the Contact Details to the Basic or Job Details sections are are always visible to all co-workers.  In the example below, I've dragged the Work Phone into the Basic Details section.


Let me know if this helps or if you were referring to a different area.



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