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Request Progress/Escalation Indicator - Supportwork's Arrows

Martyn Houghton

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As we approach two years of using Hornbill platform and our migration from SupportWorks, we still would like to have a similar function to the SupportWork's progress arrows which can be displayed in the request list to indicate the progress or escalation condition of a request within is current SLA timer. Appreciate the SL column in the request list shows the current status but does not give sufficient visual indication of where the request is in relation to the SLA timers, just whether it has breached/met.

Also, it is not configurable or changeable by either manually, via the BPM process or SLA Escalation actions, to allow you to indicate the urgency or special 'conditions' on the request. We used the conditions and arrows in Support Works to manage escalations and requests approaching breaching the SLA.

Appreciate screen real estate on the Request List is at a premium,  so even it was some for round indicator which can be coloured, status (solid, flashing etc) and content filled like a small pie chart, would be a real help.




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