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Implications of Changing the Admin Password

Claire Holtham

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we noticed that our upload of assets has not worked for some time.:( It turns out the interface requires an admin account and password.

We think that someone has reset the admin account, but not updated the password on the Asset upload.

Obviously we can reset the admin account password, and put that new password into the Asset upload. Does anyone know if there are any other places we'd need to update the new password inside the system?

We don't want to fix the asset upload but break everything else.



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Hi @Claire Holtham,

The newer versions of the asset import tools use an API key to authenticate the Hornbill session, rather than a username and password, so you'd be better off creating an API key against the account that performs the imports, then using this in the configuration file of the latest version of the import tool.

More information, and links to download the latest versions, can be found on the wiki page relevant to your import type:



Kind regards,


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