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Hornbill ESP Message Processing Error


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One of our users has reported today that they often come across messages like the one below.  I have never come across this before so need some advice on what these are and what the issue might be?  Thanks



From: E-Mail Error Notification <Neighbourhoods>
2017-11-28 11:30:50Z
E-Mail Error Notification <Neighbourhoods>
Hornbill ESP Message Processing Error
We have detected an error during the message decoding process for the attached inbound mail message. This could be due to the MIME decoding problem in Hornbill's software, a corrupt message from the message originator or a general communications problem. You will find the original raw RFC822 formatted message as well as other useful files attached to this message in order to help you identify the message originator and aid in debugging the problem.

Please ask the originator of the message to send it to you again. If the problem persists and you are happy that this message or its attachments do not contain confidential personal or commercial information, please contact Hornbill support or your Hornbill partner if you have a valid support contract or post the problem on Hornbill's community support forum (
https://forums.hornbill.com/) in order that we can investigate this problem further.

Thank You.

Hornbill Development Team

Message tracking ID: imap4-Neighbourhoods-bc2792cb4b0a9286

The error encountered was:

Failed to add message to the inbound queue. Operation[mail::addMessageToQueue] The element <body> was not expected at location '/methodCall/params/body'

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2 minutes ago, SJEaton said:

has an email not sent

@SJEaton is nothing to do with "sent" emails is the incoming ones (inbound). Someone sent you (by "you" I mean your Hornbill mailbox) an email with an empty subject which triggered the processing error. You can open the RFC message attached to the notification email and see who sent it and what it was about... However, the message file is not very user-friendly ...

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