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Service Desk calendar link into Outlook Calendar

Grant Fettis

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It would be really useful if activities in the Service Desk Calendar could be linked so they automatically populate the Outlook calendar.  For example, if a task was scheduled and assigned to an individual in Service Desk it would automatically appear in their Outlook calendar.  Are their any plans for this? 

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Hi @Grant Fettis,

This is already possible, with the Hornbill iBridge.

With the iBridge, you can integrate with Office 365, and specifically create Outlook Calendar Events within your Service Manager BPM Workflows:


This is a premium subscription integration, so please see the iBridge Wiki Page for more details.


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Does this facility allow the event to be created within the calendar of an Individual? Looks impossible to set-up a list of Calendar IDs for all our people? I guess it creates it in a Group Calendar and sends invitations to those who need it?

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