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Request - Subscribe to Service by Job title


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Would it be possible for a change to be made to allow subscription to services by Job Title?  For example, our payroll staff have a job title of "Payroll Assistant" and they are part of the "Employee Relations & Reward" team.  The payroll assistants use the payroll system whereas the rest of the team don't.  Subscribing the user would result in them still being subscribed after changing roles or leaving the business and any new payroll staff will need manually subscribing.

If this can be changed to allow this then all subscription changes should occur automatically.


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Hi @clampj

Thanks for your post.

I was wondering if you have had a look at the Organisation structure that you can create in Administration?  You can create a Department that contains everyone and then under the Department either use Teams or the General group to break the department up into smaller groups.  



We can also look into the option of using a job title, however using the groups as described above is already available to use.  Let us know if you think this would be a viable option for you.



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Thanks for the reply James


The org structure in Service Manager is a bit of a sore topic for us as the functionality is half baked.  We've already gone to the trouble of replicating our structure and we have over 100 teams.  The org structure serves no purpose at the moment because services subscriptions don't work for nested orgs so we cant subscribe the organisation to the HR system for example - we have to subscribe every individual team (or populate everyone into the company org as well as the team they are in which is what I'm doing to get round the problem).


Anyway it still doesn't get round the problem that we have 25 people in the Employee Relations & Reward team whereas only 12 need access to the payroll system so we either needlessly subscribe the additional 13 people that don't use the system or we have to manually add and remove users from the subscription as people move into and out of the payroll role.

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