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Breached call percentage by team


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I am trying to create a measure that can tell me the percentage of calls breached by teams monthly.

I want to know the percentage of calls that have breached response OR resolve times, by team. as well as overall totals for the department.

I also want to know the overall percentage of calls that have been resolved within the response OR resolve times by team.

This measure it generating  percentage but I am not 100% sure it is true?

1, can someone advise if this is the correct way to write this measure

2, can someone advised me of how to generate this again in a report so I can confirm the measure is correct?







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Hi @yelyah.nodrog

I think the basis of this is correct - but it might just need some small amendments:

1) Value Column - Change this to the Request ID


2) Query Where Clause - Change to 

(h_status = 'status.resolved' OR h_status='status.closed') AND h_resolvedby_teamname = 'Service Desk'


3) Percentage Sub Query - Change to 

(h_withinresponse = 0 OR h_withinfix = 0)


Check to see if this works....if so you can take a copy and simply change the team name for other areas. 

Kind Regards


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