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Found 16 results

  1. We are using a standard change BPM and have created a human task that is assigned to a Team. The Team that is getting a task is not always using Hornbill and is therefore not always aware of the task. They would like to be notified via email that the task has been created and is awaiting completion. At the moment the Human task has been created followed by an automated email notification node, but the email is arriving after the task has been completed and not when the task is raised. Is it possible to email the Team when a task has been created and is waiting completion? Thanks Stefania
  2. Afternoon all, I wonder if you can help, I am trying to run a Report that shows calls logged by team - but I cannot find a filter for Logged by team? Am I being blind, or does one not exist?, is there a work around? Thanks Hayley.
  3. Is there a way to mark a team as the default team in Service Manager? We have people that are in several teams and when assigning automatically etc it assigns to the team that is higher alphabetically and we would like to choose a default team and then have the requests default to being assigned there. Hope that this make sense?
  4. When using the word search feature to find a team in Organisations, it doesn't work. In the attached, we'd expect typing in the words shown to filter results down to just one entry.
  5. Linked to my earlier post (see below) about the ability to control visibility of asset information between the user and owner of an asset, can we request an enhancement to to allow the owner of a asset to be an Hornbill Organisation object as well as an individual user. For example a Software or PC asset will be owned by the organisation/IT Team not an individual within the organisation. Cheers Martyn
  6. To avoid having to hard code numerous 'Assign to Request Creator' nodes in our generic BPM workflow, can the 'Team' property on the node be enhanced to allow the insertion of variables as well as manual selection. I have tried assign it to the team before hand and leaving the value as 'Auto' but this does not work and causes the workflow to break. Cheers Martyn
  7. At the moment Auto Assign either by Round Robin or Most Available Analyst do not appear to have have any options to configure whether they include all members of the team (i.e. including Team Leader and Manager members) or just a certain type of member. Can a change request be raised to allow for a configuration options on both auto assign processes to allow the configuration of whether those members of the team with type Team Leader or Manager are included or excluded in the allocation process. Cheers Martyn
  8. Hello all, I just had a thought and perhaps it would help us to identify of which staff have specialise role in Hornbill area and when I checked on "Staff" I realise, I would have to hover each staff to try and find out what they are specialise in which is time consuming. @Gerry @Victor I wonder if I can ask for to add specialise role title underneath the staff profile or perhaps to have teams for each staff to put into that they work in or something like that? There are some staff that are "Hornbill Developer" but of what? (Example) If I have an idea/suggestion of the feature/additional wording for Asset Management, it would be good to know who to tag or tag the team (perhaps it may pop up to suggest who to tag based on the information I provided) that are specialise in that area. Which means I would have the right person to response and confirm whether they can/can’t action on my request. Hope this make sense to you guys? Thanks, Aaron
  9. we rely on Activities and use the to request other teams / roles take action for a Request. we've noticed that Currently Users can see the Activities are assigned to their Team / Role however when an Activity is assigned to an individual user the viability of it is lost. Please note: one exception to this rule is the user's line manager (set in user's Hornbill profile) - they can see and have the option to to filter on Activities that belong to their subordinates. Could a similar principle be applied to allow team members to see the activities assigned to other individual users that are a member of their Team? I've attached two screenshots as examples. The first is when i'm set as my colleague's Line Manager and i can see their tasks. The second is when i'm not set as my colleague's Line Manager and i cannot see their tasks Thanks, Jamie
  10. It would be really useful to be able to share documents at the organisational container level, i.e. Team, as we want to make more use of Document Manager via Service Manager and linking to Organisational records. As operating multiple service desks within Service Manager, it is important we control the scope of documents to elements of the organisation without having to administer at an individual user basis which is not sustainable. Cheers Martyn
  11. I am trying to create a measure that can tell me the percentage of calls breached by teams monthly. I want to know the percentage of calls that have breached response OR resolve times, by team. as well as overall totals for the department. I also want to know the overall percentage of calls that have been resolved within the response OR resolve times by team. This measure it generating percentage but I am not 100% sure it is true? 1, can someone advise if this is the correct way to write this measure 2, can someone advised me of how to generate this again in a report so I can confirm the measure is correct? Thanks! Hayley.
  12. At the moment when adding a condition into a Request List - View, you are not able to use a condition to filter on it 'not set' only if it 'is' or 'is not'. Can the 'not set' option be added to Team, if not all fields in the condition builder. Cheers Martyn
  13. Hi, I am in the process of implementing our service catalogue and setup my BPMs. However I am facing a massive of work and maintenance. Let me give you a bit of context: As of today we have: 114 services 461 catalogue items 20 teams We managed to rationalise our BPMs to only 8 Requirements: Any support team member must be able to see all the requests logged in the system (100% transparency) Auto assign request to a team based on catalogue item Setup: no services have a “Supporting team(s)” setup (see requirements above) Each service can be supported by multiple teams Each catalogue item is supported by a single team Problem: In the BPMs, it would require at least 20 “conditions” with very long list for each criteria (461 to be precise) Everytime a catalogue item is changed or added, all BPMs will need to be updated accordingly. Proposed solution (see attached document Hornbill - Default team assignment.pptx): Add a new field “Default assignment team” to the catalogue item This new field would be optional It would be populated by the list a teams (as declared under the Organisation) If "Supporting teams" are setup, available values would be restricted to the "Supporting teams" setup By default, the system would assign the request to that team (if value specified) BPM can still override the team assignment This would not impact the current functionality of the field "Supporting teams" Benefits: Straight forward assignment with no impact on securities or "support teams" Can accommodate special cases (by overriding in the BPM) Less maintenance of the BPMs (every time a new catalogue item is changed or created) Is this something possible to do? I am more than happy to discuss it in more details if necessary. Thanks for your consideration.
  14. James I've taken your advice and posted this as a separate topic I'll look at the routing rules both in Hornbill and Exchange, but fundamental I don't agree with the way Service Manager deals with team notifications. I understand the reason for having it (a ticket has no owner, a customer update needs to be seen), but it should be configurable to either: Sent to all team (and sub team members) as it currently does - I don't like this, as nobody takes ownership. And may not be relevant to the sub teams. Ticket timeline gets updated with out of office responses from analysts in the teams (which the customer may be unhappy seeing). This is a bigger problem if you have large teams. Sent to a named individual (eg. team leader or manager). This is what I would prefer - so its clear who monitoring these types of updates (for tickets with no owners). No action to be taken The out of office updates are happening as expected - they are not coming from one individual, but may start initially with the customer, but as the team notification gets emailed to the whole team, any analysts who have their OOO enabled causes the ticket to update, which in turns sends a further notification out. Its not a broadcast storm - but can be annoying if you have nothing to do with the initial team (sub team - eg. main team is infrastructure, server and network are subteams both get notified for an ownerless ticket in either subteam or main team). See previous history here
  15. Good afternoon, We were wondering if anyone can share any helpful tips and/or best practices on how to avoid incoming calls not being assigned to a team. Looking in the progressive capture area for New Requests, there is a node that can be added just before the end of the capture that will allow Analyst and Team assignment, but what we need is a mandatory field to capture Team assignment only. Has anyone done this? Many thanks, Samuel.
  16. The current Assignment BPM processes have to be supplied with a manual hardcoded Team value, which means you either have to have individual process for each service or if you want to use a generic process you have to create a large number of branches to auto assign the request to the correct team. Given that the request is linked to a Service and in the Service settings you link this to the Team(s) that support the service, can we raise a Request for Change for the option of the BPM Assignment Task to automatically allocate to the Team(s) set in the Service settings. This way you can use a common/generic process for al your requests and context of the Service the request has been logged against will determine which team the auto assignment allocates it to. Cheers Martyn
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