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Request member cannot view request


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Hi, I need some help figuring this out.

We have a request that one of our organisation managers wanted to see despite not being part of the assigned or supporting teams.

So I added him as member to the request.

When he logs in he can see that there is a request but he cannot open or view it. See attached screenshot.

Is this a bug or is there some setting I have missed. 

He has the Incident Management User and Collaboration roles and the request is an incident. The request in question is resolved.


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Some more info. We have another manager attached to that ticket as a member and she can see the ticket as intended.

She is a member of the team that currently has the ticket, other than that they are the same.

A third manager that is not affiliated to any teams is also a member and can view her I'm a member tickets.

All can view the ticket if they go directly to the ticket by editing the URL.

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thank you for the additional info.

If the user is supposed to see the ticket in the list, then he can see the ticket by editing the URL.

The issue is only in the list , missing some results, but this does not prevent the user to see the ticket through his URL. We're currently  working to fix this issue.






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