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Asset Searching when looking at ALL Assets

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I've just added a few new assets which are all 'there'

However, if I try to do a search using the filter for a serial number, it comes up with nothing if I have 'All Assets' selected.

I can get round this by selecting and filtering the 'type' of asset I'm looking for (when the same search for a serial number DOES work) but how come the All Assets search doesn't work?




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Hi @Paul Alexander

The way that the Assets are structured consists of a sub-set of General attributes which are shared by all Asset Classes and these are the attributes which are available to search for using the Filter when in the All Assets view.

When you switch to view a specific Asset Class the filter then is extended to also search all of the extended attributes which are also available against that specific Asset Class, as well as the General attributes which are shared by all Asset Classes hence the reason you would find matches for assets of the Computer Systems class, if you searched for a value held in the Serial Number field which is an extended attribute of this specific class,  there is also a Serial Number attribute for the likes of Mobiles, Network Device etc, so you would find matches on these views as well.

Currently with the All Assets view, you can only search on fields which are general and are available as columns to display in this view.  

The Asset Search in the Global Search Bar, works slightly differently and searches the shared attributes of all Asset Classes, and a sub set of extended attributes from different Asset Classes, including Serial Number from the following Asset Classes:

* Computer Systems

* Computer Peripherals

* Mobile Device

* Network Device

* Printer

The difference here is the results are not returned in an asset list view (grid), with columns of data but instead  a simple list of assets. 


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