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Raising Tickets with attachments and sending notifications

Ralf Peters

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Hi ,


I am looking for some ideas .


We have a new requirement,  rather than the customer raises the ticket , we want to raise a request against the customer   to get them  to action/respond to a query , mainly accounts issue.


So we raise a ticket against the customer ,  enter all the details , attach a document  ...


Our current BPM then sends an email to customer using template XYZ that a ticket has been logged.


My question is , how can include the document that I have attached during the progressive capture  to the ticket using email template xyz , i can't find any variable referring to it ?





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Have you considered bringing those customers into the Collaboration fold? This way you could raise tasks and assign them to people or teams, these tasks could be raised manually or via a request. You could then also collaborate with these customers in real time.  Just a thought...


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@Ralf Peters

I am not sure there is another way to achieve what you want,. If I understand what you are asking, you seem to be wanting your accounts team to work on tickets (albeit in a basic form) but to do that without being users of the system.  Our guiding principle when designing the system around subscriptions currently is based on the idea that if you are a "participant" in the "provision of service" then you are a user and subject to some form of subscription, but if you are the "recipient" of the "delivered" service then you are a customer and would use the portal which of course does not have a subscription cost associated with it.  

The only other thing i can suggest which I guess *could* work is if in your BPM you sent the email to the customer to include a link to the ticket in the service portal, they could then interact with the ticket as a customer.  Please be aware though that if any subsequent feature requests or enhancements that arise as a result of this type of use arise, we would test your use case against the above guiding principle before considering any changes. 

Hope that helps


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Hi @Ralf Peters

Attachments will be presented in the Portal, provided that the correct visibility is set. Here's an example, where I've logged into the Portal as a customer and I am able to see a Timeline entry to reflect this also.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.23.23.png


The visibility of an attachment has to be set to Customer, in order for it to appear in the Portal. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.25.32.png


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@Ralf Peters there's a few things that might help/explain the situation you have.

When an attachment is added, it has a default visibility of 'Team' so it's only available internally (highlighted red). You can change this to make it visible to the customer in the portal (highlighted green).

Rather than relying on the BPM, you could send the email directly from the Request which would let you choose the correct attachment or upload the attachment at this point rather than through ProCap (highlighted blue). You can also specify a snippet to act as a template for the content you need to include.

Depending on your process, this might not be ideal but I thought it was worth pointing out.


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