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Change Request using Service Portal

Rachel Crisp

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I have created a Catalog Item for a Change Request on the Service Portal.

Users can log a call using this Catalog but once the call has been logged it displays the Call number and underneath this it shows the message "You do not have permission to view this request".

The next time the User logs into the Portal they cannot see this Change Request.

Do I need to change something within Hornbill configuration to make this possible?


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Hi @Ehsan,

I have done that now and it is working. Thank you.

On the same Catalog item, I am trying to set the Summary field to the answer of question1 in the Progressive Capture and this doesn't work.

Can you see where I am going wrong please?


Also, the Notification email doesn't work either but I have set that up the same as others that are working.


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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Hi @Rachel Crisp,

No worries, happy to help.

Let's take a look at the example below.

In new problem Progressive Capture form, I added a new Customised Form called Problem Details.


In my Business Process, I added an Automated Task called Progressive Capture Answers.



This then follows by an Automated Task to update Request's details. I have used the Variable Picker option (labelled 1 in the following screenshot) to select new problem Progressive Capture form (labelled 2 in the following screenshot) to choose the Customised Form and the answer (labelled 3 in the following screenshot). I then used the Inject button to add it to the Summary field.


I raised a Problem Request against this Business Process and I can see that the Summary is now appended with the answer that I provided through the new problem Progressive Capture.


Apologies for the poor drawing :)

I hope this helps.




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Regarding the issue that you're experiencing with email notification - Could you confirm that there is a Customer present in the corresponding section within the Change Request form? If so, does the Customer have an email address set against their Profile?

I created a Business Process with the following Automated Task and I can confirm that an email is sent to the Request's Customer (Please confirm that the Email Template exists and there is no space left at the beginning or the end of the input field).


I raised a Change Request and set myself as the Request's Customer and I can see that the Timeline also confirms the action.




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Morning @Ehsan,

I have checked all of this and everything looks fine but neither of these Automated Tasks are working. I also have another Automated task set up to assign the call to our 'First Line' Team and that is not working either.

Could I request that someone takes a look at this for me please?

I have just added a test call - CH00000450

Is there a log file or something that I could check to see what is going on?



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@Rachel Crisp,

Inline with ISO and our security model, I'm not granted access to your instance or data. As per the contract and agreement between South Derbyshire District Council and Hornbill, access to your instance or data is only granted to the nominated Product Specialist(s) and Cloud Team here at Hornbill. Although I would love to exceed above and beyond my responsibilities to help you and others when it is required to access your instance or data directly, I'm not nominated/granted to do so, as I'm a member of the Development team. An FAQ around our security model can be found below:

I had a look at your Organisation's record and I can see that you're subscribed to Premier Success plan. This plan gives you direct access to our Support Team, for a Product Specialist to further investigate the reported behaviour. More details on the benefits of this plan can be found here:

To iterate this once again, since you've subscribed and paying for the Premier Success plan, please use the following link to raise a request with our Support Team who will look into this for you. If the reported behaviour relates to an underlying issue in the product, the Development team will look into it and provide a patch through a Service Manager update.

Apologies for the long reply - Thought it may be useful to give you an insight into our services. More than happy to answer any other questions that you may have. :) 



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