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  1. When updating Requests, the workflow doesn't progress to the next stage - we have to keep pressing F5. Any idea what's wrong? This was working fine until about month ago. Thanks
  2. Hi @Ehsan, All sorted. Thanks for your help.
  3. Morning @Ehsan, Thank you for the info, much appreciated. And no I didn't - I have never seen this screen before LOL Thank you, I'll give that a go! Cheers
  4. Morning @Ehsan, I have checked all of this and everything looks fine but neither of these Automated Tasks are working. I also have another Automated task set up to assign the call to our 'First Line' Team and that is not working either. Could I request that someone takes a look at this for me please? I have just added a test call - CH00000450 Is there a log file or something that I could check to see what is going on? Thanks Rachel
  5. Hi @Ehsan, I have done that now and it is working. Thank you. On the same Catalog item, I am trying to set the Summary field to the answer of question1 in the Progressive Capture and this doesn't work. Can you see where I am going wrong please? SummaryProblem.docx Also, the Notification email doesn't work either but I have set that up the same as others that are working. eMailProblem.docx Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  6. Hi @Ehsan, I have applied Build 1042 and tried again but I still get the same error (see attached). PortalMessage2.docx Thanks Rachel
  7. I have created a Catalog Item for a Change Request on the Service Portal. Users can log a call using this Catalog but once the call has been logged it displays the Call number and underneath this it shows the message "You do not have permission to view this request". The next time the User logs into the Portal they cannot see this Change Request. Do I need to change something within Hornbill configuration to make this possible? Thanks
  8. Hi, Thanks for that - got a bit further this time, but now getting another error - see attached file. Hope you can help. Thanks ErrorSDDC2.docx
  9. Trying to run the Cleaner Utility before Go Live. Downloaded but the files that download don't match the WIKI instructions. Changed the conf.json with our details okay. There is no .exe file. There is a .go file but it throws an error - see attached file. Any ideas where I'm going wrong? Thanks ErrorSDDC.docx
  10. SR00000230 I have found it now by creating a view for AllCalls (every Status and every Team). I'm confused though because when I just found it, the call has a Status of Closed so it should show in the first view I created earlier?? I'm concerned because we are hoping to Go Live next week and at this stage I don't need confusion ha ha.
  11. Didn't realise you could do this - thank you!! I can now see lots of closed calls, but still not the one I am looking for. I am testing and I know I have put a call on the portal this morning, that has been closed but I can't find it. Are there any log files I can check to see what has gone wrong? Thanks
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