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  1. Hi @Alisha With the way the Knowledge Centre works, is that the search term used looks against requests with the same or similar keywords in their summary and description. If you wish to filter your results down by category just ensure that you have the Request Category form as part of your progressive capture set up and it will filter the request results down by that selected category and requests which match you search query Hope that helps :)
  2. Hi @Aaron Summers Just to let you know that our developers have identified the issue and resolved it. Expect it to be available in the next major build :) Regards Mohamed
  3. @P. Nordqvist With regards to the new Assets Summary feature, what it allows for is to set which fields to be visible in the Assets Details form on the right as a quick view of key information, without the need of collapsing various accordions to access the information about the Asset, this can all be configured in the Asset Type details area. For example if you have an Asset which is of the Asset Type "Server" you simply: Go to the Server Asset Type details page Collapse the accordion with the relevant data you wish to have visible against said Asset of that Asset Type e.g. If I wanted the Name, Description and State of information visible, I would collapse General Information and select the checkboxes under the summary column and save the form From there if you go to an Asset of the "Server" Asset Type you should see the following Asset Summary information box on the right If you hover on a particular row, you will given the ability to inline edit the information without having to edit the whole form and collapse various accordions etc. After updating the information you can confirm or cancel your changes More information can be found on our wiki here Hope this helps Regards Mohamed
  4. @SJEaton @samwoo, thanks for that Just to let you know that the required functionality is already present in the My Services area With regards to having this feature in the Portals, I'll raise this with the team and see if we can progress it soon Regards Mohamed
  5. Hi @SJEaton Just to confirm is this in the Portals or the new My Services area?
  6. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone Just to let you know that the issue has been found and resolved by our development team. Expect the the fix to be part of the next build Regards Mohamed
  7. @Giuseppe Iannacone Thanks for that, much appreciated. Our team will look into resolving the issue Regards Mohamed
  8. @Stuart Torres-Catmur @SJEaton Our apologies that you are still experiencing problems with the Dashboards I would first advise if you could please update to the latest build possible, 1347 After that to test if the dashboards to see if that resolves your issues. If after the update the dashboards still don't work I would advise to follow the instructions mentioned by Ehsan to provide us screenshots of the errors returned Thanks, Regards Mohamed
  9. @Giuseppe Iannacone Are you able to provide any screenshots, video or replication steps of the issue please Thanks Regards Mohamed
  10. @carlt Just to let you know that the issue has been resolved and will be available in the next build >= 1346 In the mean time, as a workaround, an admin user should be able to configure the routing rule templates Regards Mohamed
  11. Hi @carlt Thanks for this, our developers have found the issue and working on resolving the issue Regards Mohamed
  12. Hi @chriscorcoran A patch release went out yesterday build 1322 which contains fixes regarding the dashboard charts if you update to that it should address the issues you've been facing Regards Mohamed
  13. @Keith great, really glad to hear
  14. Hi all, A new patch release for Service Manager has gone out today (1322) this contains a few fixes for the charts which should address the issues that have been reported, including loading of charts and the re-ordering: Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues after updating the Service Manager app in your instance. Regards Mohamed
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