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  1. Hi @Tina.Lapere This is really odd since we haven't been able to replicate the issue on our end. We're still trying to look into the issue and see what it could be Will keep you updated with what we find
  2. Hi @Tina.Lapere Our developers have tried to test this, but couldn't replicate the issue unfortunately, is the error always occurring for you? Just wondering if there are any unique replications steps or anything? Regards Mohamed
  3. Hi @Adrian Simpkins Our developers have been trying to replicate and resolve the issue mentioned, however, we have been unable to replicate it. Whenever we try to set up the scenario as mentioned, it works fine i.e. the asset form doesn't allow for us to progress further if the form is mandatory Have we missed something in our testing? Are there are any further steps / changes required to replicate the issue Regards Mohamed
  4. Hi @Foley Coker A new data entity option has been added which will return only Colleagues and not Basic Users It should be in the next build of Service Manager. Hope that helps Regards Mohamed
  5. @Paul Alexander thanks for your reply, that information is interesting We'll definitely continue try and investigate the issue further and see what we find Regards Mohamed
  6. Hi @Jack_Podmore No worries, always happy to help Yes of course, the ability via the description field is beneficial, however, as mentioned it's a feature that the Collaboration Core will be looking into Regards Mohamed
  7. Hey @Paul Alexander Apologies for the delay on this, our developers have still be trying to replicate and understand the issue but with no luck, but we are still currently looking into it Is there any further, potential replication steps that may help at all? i.e. You create a Asset of a certain type and / or class, do action x, then b etc. Thanks, Regards Mohamed
  8. Hi @PeterL When raising a release, do you have / select a Catalog Item when you select the Service? In addition, just to confirm a few more details, is the issue occurring that you physically select the Release Type and it doesn't register occasionally? Thanks, Regards Mohamed
  9. Hey @Jon Green I think the setting you're looking for is "guest.colour.common.link" Try that and see if it helps
  10. Hi @Jack_Podmore With regards to adding images via the clipboard on the Request Details description field, this functionality needs to be investigated by the Collaboration Team. In the mean time however, a workaround solution we've provided is to allow the same functionality you've requested via the Attachments form in the Employee Portal. This functionality should be available in the next build Hope that helps Regards Mohamed
  11. Hi @Jon Green So the configuration for this is in the Admin Tool, if you follow through to the following: Home > Applications > Hornbill Service Man ager > Application Settings and use the prefix: '"guest.colour" giving various configuration options Hope that helps Regards Mohamed
  12. Hi @Adrian Simpkins @Jeremy Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Our developers have had a look into this and it seems that there is an issue with this feature I have raised this with the team and we will look into enhancing this feature, resolving the issues that you are experiencing Regards Mohamed
  13. Hey @Adrian Simpkins Thanks for getting back to me and clarifying those steps, they've been really helpful. Much appreciated! I've raised this issue with the with the development team Regards Mohamed
  14. Hi @Gareth Watkins Unfortunately, there's no way to do that. You would have to re-log the request or if you have the request still open (or know the request id), you can raise a linked request from there perhaps Hope that helps Regards Mohamed
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