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FAQs Solutions - no images

Paul Morrow

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After setting up FAQs in services I can see and choose them from within a service ticket.

Images for explanation do appear in the ticket FAQs Solutions and on the service FAQ tab in the portal.

However any images in the selected FAQ does not show in the users request on the portal or in the resolution email sent to user.

Is there a setting to allow FAQ images to be seen in portal requests and sent in the resolution email?

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Hi @Paul Morrow

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

Some of the initial thinking for the FAQs that are available for support staff is that these would tend to be more technical solutions that may not make sense to a customer.  We possibly need to rethink about the transferring of all the text of an FAQ into the resolution field.  When an FAQ is flagged as only being available for the Service Desk, there is some question around automatically adding the detail of the FAQ to the resolution as it may not have been written for the eyes of the customer.  

We need to think about the three FAQ visibility options of Customer, Service Desk, or Both.  We may find that in the cases where the FAQ is set to Both that a link in the resolution details to the actual FAQ would be a better approach.  We would just need to consider what information would add value for FAQs that are intended for the Service Desk only and where would we hold that information, if the resolution field is not desirable.  

I would always be interested to hear how others would see the use of Service Desk only FAQs on requests and their resolutions.   We will continue to review this feature and take feedback on how you would like to use this.  



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