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BPM, Refresh issue since update


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Over the last week, prior to the latest update of service manger has something been done which may prevent the screen refreshing once a call is logged? I ask but when an analysts logs a call the get the option to view the call which normally takes them to the call with the option to assign to a team\analyst? Now it just takes them to the call and the post an update option. Pressing F5 to refresh the page takes them to the assign to option, so the business process is correct. I tested on IE and Chrome and same issue. So upgraded this morning to latest release of Service Manager but still the same, any ideas? I have not made any changes to the business process in weeks.

Last time I had this it was down to a setting experimental.bpm.spawnAsync but I  can longer find this setting.


Any ideas?




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@chriscorcoran can you please raise a sup[port request (https://www.hornbill.com/support/) so we can investigate this?

experimental.bpm.spawnAsync  is now turned ON by default and is no longer an option to turn it OFF so the setting was removed. The issue you experience is not should be not caused by the async spawn of the BP...but we'll confirm this once we investigate it.

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