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[Feature request] Default assignment team


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Hi again,

Another request which would help us considerably from a support / maintenance of BPMs point of view: a "default" assignment team per catalog item (OR service if not possible)

Let me explain why first:

1. we do not use "Supporting teams" as any support team must be able to view and interact with any requests logged on the portal
2. calls are automatically assigned to a team via the BPM as we do not have a traditional 1st line support

The consequence of this at the moment is a very very long BPM:


Should we have a "default assignment team" field available at catalog item level (ideal scenario) we would not need this at all and the service owners would be able to maintain that themselves (meaning less work for the admin!) - and yes it changes quite regularly!

The idea is simple: this field would be optional. If a value is set, then the assignment would be done "automatically" unless explicitly specified in the BPM. IMPORTANT NOTE: this logic should be applied AFTER the existing logic around "Supporting Teams" as we do not want to break existing setups.

Another important point: this field would ONLY be used for call assignment and nothing else! No "security" related context or anything like that. It would just be a basic optional x-ref for call assignment task.

A less ideal scenario (but still workable) would be to have this at the service level (and then I would only need to override is some rare cases directly in the BPM using the catalog item id).

Would this be of any use to anybody else? Or are we just bonkers in my company?


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Just a separate note on this one: for the time being, should my other request below be granted, I could simply store the team id in a custom field and it would already help a lot. But I still believe having such feature "out of the box" (optional of course!) would be a much better and stable way of doing things.


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