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Logging Tickets Against Unsupported Services

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

Is there a way to log a ticket against a service you don't support?


For example, our IT Service Desk receive an email which warrants a ticket being raised to our IT Sec team.

Service Desk don't support the IT Sec service due to the sensitive info contained therein

Service Desk (at the moment) have to raise the ticket as a normal IT Incident as they cannot log tickets against services they don't support

Service desk can still see the ticket info (which may be inappropriate) as they support the IT Incident service


Is there a way of allowing call logging against a service you don't support? I am aware this may seem like a 'fire and forget' thing but as long as the BPM is set to assign the call to the correct team I don't see an issue.




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@Victor so the setting is off (which I assume is correct for what I want to do) however when a member of the service desk tried to log a security ticket it allowed him to select the service in the 'Select Service' PC but then kicked him back to the same screen once he has selected the IT Sec service so wouldn't let him log a ticket against it.

Any ideas? The joys of Go Live day........

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@Victor yes. It once he selected IT Sec > Sec Report it flashed like I was going to move on but then sent him back to the Services screen with the message that 'This selection is mandatory' or similar, like he had tried to just skip it.

I have attached the PC and BPMs for your expert perusal to make sure it isn't something I have done.



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