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Selecting Known Error as a Request Type using the New Request goes funny


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I have the following PCF that points the requests in the right direction based on the Request Type when "Raise New" is clicked:

When I choose Known Error in the list it takes me to this PCF

But this is what I see on the forms when clicking on Known Error and pressing next... the Known Error is completely messed up:

But all the other Request Types work fine.

When I use the Dropdown ->  Known Error, it works absolutely fine (pointing to the exact same PCF). It just doesn't work when clicking on "Raise New"

Please advise?


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@James Ainsworth

This is appearing on both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. And other users are experiencing the same thing only when selecting Known Error via Raise New.

I wasn't sure if this was a defect or something I might have done wrong in the PCF. I will raise this on the Hornbill Portal. I guess I am so used to the forums.



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35 minutes ago, Victor said:

@samwoo there is no support email address... We have a support page on our website: https://www.hornbill.com/support/. Please use this If you need to raise an issue with our support desk.

Hi @Victor,

Ah I completely forgot about this! I need to add this to my shortcuts. (have a new Windows 10 laptop since I last used this).



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