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Populating URL with Request ID in email templates

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A couple of weeks ago we put this URL into email templates: https://service.hornbill.com/walthamforest/servicemanager/request/view/{{.H_pk_reference}}kind

When clicked on by a customer, it should take them to their request.  When this was set up, it was definitely working.  This week, it throws an error (see attached).  We don’t know why this doesn’t work now. 


Also this week, our LIVE home page display changed from a strip of icons displaying down the left side to a tile display at the top left for all users.  We did not make this change as far as we are aware.  What controls this please?


The only system change we have made is in Home>Hornbill Service Manager>Application Settings to switch off app.requests.cancel.commentMandatory. 

We are on Hornbill Service Manager Build 944 (updated on 5th April)

URL error.PNG

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Hi @Stuart Torres-Catmur

Thanks for the post.  From the info it looks like you have Kind text appended to the end of the hyperlink in your email template (after the request variable - this is evidenced from the image which shows the link trying to resolve to {{.H_pk_reference}}Kind if you edit and remove the Kind from the hyperlink in the email template this should do the trick for you.


In regards to the new UI Navigation, we switched over from the old to the new Navigation this week.  If you were using the old navigation you should have seen a count down marker indicating when the switch was going to take place. 

When we are considering making significant UI changes like this, we do inform and involve our customers in this, and you will see from the post below, we started trialling the new UI Navigation back in December last year and evolved it to a point through feedback from our customers to the point where we switched from the old to the new.  

We are conscious about these type of changes and if you see from the post below, customers have been able to use the old or new UI Navigation for a period of time, and we then advertised in the UI that the switch would happen, and a count down in days should have been visible?


I hope this makes sense, and your users should still have the same access to the apps as before just through the new UI navigation but with the option to create your own shortcuts by pinning your own favourite things like the request list, boards, My Documents etc for quick and easy access. 


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Thanks Steve, that's most helpful on both counts.  I have to say that I didn't see the count-down that you mention.  I'm guessing it was either in My Notifications or from Giphy, which I admit I'm not monitoring much at the moment as we are still in our setting up period.  I'll keep an eye out for this type of thing from now on though.

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