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Is there a way of reporting that a change has been approved or not, and if not, is it possible to show what the approval percentage is?

i.e. if there are 3 approvers with a weighting of 35% each and 2 have approved is it possible to show that it is 70% approved?



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Hi Pete,

There is an option that you can add as part of your BPM workflow that marks a Change as authorized.  This is done as a separate node from the standard authorization activity as different people may have different ways of concluding that a change is an authorized change.  The documentation for this node can be found on our wiki here.  When used, the request will display that it has been authorized in the right hand Information panel of a request.


This same setting will be visible on the Change Calendar as of Service Manager build 240 by coloured markers indicating if the Change is authorized or not.

This information is held in the h_itsm_requests table in the field h_bpm_authorised.  For report creation you should be able to use this when the Authorisation Decision Node is used in the BPM.

However, this will not show the approval percentage. 





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