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Publishing to Portal and Service Status


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I think we've asked this in the past but I was wondering if there were any changes planned

It would be great if we could automatically publish problems and known errors to the portal and change the service status when logging a major incident, problem or known error

Currently for our Major Incidents we publish to the portal when we let the business know about the issue

We have the email template configured to ask affected users to click the Me Too button and we provide a link to the portal

Sometimes people forget to publish to the portal and change the service status

Then the email goes out asking users to inform us using the Me Too but they can't if we haven't published it

We're looking to use the number of connections to our major incidents in our monthly reporting



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This is a Request I really support. The possibility to set the status for a Service the way we can today, gives valuable information to customers logged in to the Portal as well as for Agents. The feedback I have from our 1st line support, is that it will not be used, because of the downside you get regarding status not set back to 'Available'.

To be able to automate this from the Business Process would be perfect.

It could be triggered by a Human Task that asks the Owner if this Incident/Problem should set the Service Status, with the outcomes: No, Impacted or Unavailable. When ticket is closed, it's automatically set back to Available. 

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Hi @Everton1878 @Terje Mognes

There will be a new Automated Task node option added to allow for changing the status of the Service linked to the request.  This will allow you to automate the changing of the Status when a new issue is identified, and for you to ensure that it is reset to either No Status or Available once the issue is resolved / closed.  As this will be a new node option you can include this where ever you need in your processes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.09.15.png

This will be available in either the next or following Service Manager updates, so expect to see this available in the next couple of weeks, be sure to check the release notes for these update.

We are still investigating the options around the publishing / un-publishing options. 


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