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Good afternoon!,


Me again!, Quick question, since going live we have been receiving a very very large number of notifications from hornbill to outlook via email. For example notifications that advise a call has been assigned to my team, to myself etc....

Is there a way to turn these off for specific people, or teams as some of us are part of many teams and are getting in excess of 400-500+ email notifications a day?

Many thanks


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Hi Hayley,

Thanks for your post.  At the moment these email notifications cannot be turned off for specific people or teams.   That does sound like a lot and I can understand that this would take away the benefit of a notification.  For an immediate solution have you looked at creating Inbox rules in your email client to remove some of these automatically when they arrive?

I'm not personally a fan of email and we at Hornbill do not have email alerts enabled.  The combination of the browser alerts that the native notifications on the mobile app works best for myself.

We will look to provide more flexibility with the email notification in the future.  There is no time frame at the moment for this but I will update this post if we see any progress.



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