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  1. Morning all, I suspect this is an easy one! I want to ping an email out once a change is authorised, I've set up a template with all the relevant details populated, except one. I can't find a variable that relates to the dates entered using the built in 'schedule' calendar? Should this be possible? Many thanks Nick
  2. Afternoon all, The owner of our change process has raised a point that users aren't allowed to raise changes that span more then 'x' amount of days or are 'x' amount of days in the future. I.e users shouldn't be able to raise a change 3 months down the line that lasts for 5 days. I don't think we can presently put any constraints around the schedule (?) but can we request a feature be added so we can help our workflow confirm to our internal Change Process? Thanks! Nick
  3. Firstly apologies if this isn't in the correct section. As part of our progressive capture questions for raising a new change, we ask the user to input the start and end times. The start/end times are currently individual questions on 1 customized form. Is there a way of making a relationship between the start time and end time, with the end goal of having some validation so that the user can't put an end time in that is before the start time? Many thanks Nick
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