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Hornbill - UI Refresh

Daniel Dekel

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We are excited to share a live preview of our upcoming improved UI changes to Hornbill.  
As we continue to evolve our platform technology, and in line with our forward product strategy, we have started work on a full re-design of our UI/UX, with a view to improve every aspect of both the aesthetics and user experiences in Hornbill. We have the highest User Adoption of any leader in the latest G2 Grid Report, thanks to you, our customers, and we want to continue to drive this as you continue to rollout services and automation across your organisations.   
Our vision is to look at all aspects of our UI and UX, across all Hornbill applications, portals and mobile apps, and have defined the following high-level goals: 
•    Generally Improved UI design focusing on appearance/aesthetics/styling 
•    Improved and more scalable UI navigation 
•    The introduction of dynamic skins to support dark/light mode 
•    Significant improvement on mobile/adaptive/responsive UI/UX behaviours 
•    Simplification of system and application administration 
•    A heightened focus on role-driven tasks and day-to-day interactions 
•    A gradual transition from the current “all apps in a single browser tab” to “each app in its own  browser tab” navigation scheme. 
This change is not a one-hit event, we have committed to a long-term journey with this focus and have embedded this approach into the fabric of our development processes. To support this initiative, we have established a strategic commitment to this program and have invested in dedicated resources ensuring that all future developments have a focus towards purposeful design and user experiences on all platforms. 
Instead of a single big-bang release, our intention is to roll out these UI/UX improvements incrementally over the coming months – which is 100% aligned with our already established continuous delivery model.    

This preview is the first step, today, we are introducing a change to the top-level navigation system, as well as redefined styling, typography and general layout clean-ups and unification. Apart from the top-level navigation changes, there are no functional changes at this point, so we do not expect these changes to be disruptive to your day-to-day use of Hornbill. However, because the top-level navigation has changed, we are deploying this as a preview, so you have some time to try the new UI/Navigation at your convenience.  

You can switch between the old and new for the preview period and, of course, we encourage and welcome your feedback, suggestions, and contributions here on the Hornbill community forums. We expect these changes to be switched to the live stream within 2-3 weeks of making this preview generally available. 

Over the coming weeks and months we will be working on the following areas of the Hornbill solution to improve UI/UX and functionality across the board. all in line with the new design system. 

* Improved Employee Portal Design and Usability
* Improved Email Views
* New Collaboration Application & Views
* Board Manager Views
* Service Manager Request List View
* Service Manager Request Details View
* Service Portfolio Usability and Layout Improvements 
* Document Manager Views
* Supplier Manager Views
* Project Manager Views
* New ITOM Application Views
* New Administration UI/UX

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR IE USERS:  The current software continues to support IE11, even with the new UI changes, but we have changed our support status of IE11 to "best endeavour", which means it might not be perfect in IE11 as we make future changes. This is inline with Microsoft's own end of life announcements.  See here for more details: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Getting_Started#System_Requirements





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As n update, the new UI layout will be pushed live for all Hornbill customers on Wednesday 28th July 2021.  There are still many improvements in UI/Layout to follow, primarily in the applications that we cannot deploy until the new UI layout is live, you can expect to see many UI tweaks and changes to bring our applications and other functions in-line with this new styling. 

Next up will be improvements to various screens/views/layouts in Service Manager

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