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  1. Apologies for another question which probably has a fairly straightforward answer (I'm just stumped as inherited a Hornbill system with very little handover and not been able to work this one out myself from the wiki / videos / other processes in place). I hate posting these as am unable to return the favour.......hopefully one day though. Our joiners process really needs some work so have put together a new progressive capture which works however have been working on the updated business process and keep getting the error below which looks like it's when the business process gets to the human task stage. I have ensured there is Hornbill automation node prior to the human task as per https://community.hornbill.com/topic/16535-error-business-process/ but clearly missed something while the owner is set very early in the business process. I've compared this to a similar section of the change business process and it looks pretty much the same - the main difference in the working business process and my failing one is that the the Get Request Info prior to the human task node in the working process displays the Output params in the format "&[global["flowcode"]["owner"]]" while in my failing process they all display as "&[global["flowcoderefs"]["getReqInformation"]["owner"]]". Thanks! Rob
  2. Thanks @James Ainsworth - I tried adding an end node immediately from the customised form and had the same error! Thought I'd give up on it for the day and then tried again the next day and wasn't able to replicate the error message. Thought I'd sorted it so kept working on the progressive capture only to have the same error again after adding another branch node in the progressive capture - deleted the various connectors and deleted/readded one of the nodes which resolved the issue. I should have documented the steps but just wanted to get it working!
  3. Hiya, I'm absolutely stumped with this one....... I'm working on a software request process and continually come up against a "the node has a bad or missing exit connector" but just can't see what's wrong. I have a "Software requried" form (probably should fix that typo but wanted to get this post up) which has a static radioset on whether any additional software is required when then branches where if the response is Yes then it goes to the next custom form requesting more detail on additional software or if the answer is no, goes on to another question about systems. I've tried deleting the connectors and readding, deleting the nodes and recreating them etc but the error persists! Any help/suggestons would be most appreciated!
  4. Afternoon, I'd be very interested to hear how other organisations have set up their leaver processes in Hornbill and what sort of integration they've implemented with asset management. I've inherited a Hornbill instance with very little handover or documentation from the previous owner (it was their baby......) and, well, the existing processes are ok but things have changed a lot since implementation. Following an issue with a leaver and a Hornbill license not being revoked (bit of a perfect mess - analyst didn't check Hornbill for a license with the leave request as currently a manual task, it was the first leaver for a new manager and I was on leave so was unaware of it all) I was wondering if it was possible to set up software licenses as assets and allocate to individual users (seems reasonable enough so far from my messing around - although would each license have to be set up individually e.g. as we have 65ish Hornbill licenses would we have to 65 individual licenses or one Hornbill asset with 65 licenses - I suspect that it's the former) and then when we have a leaver request a business process updates the request with any licenses assigned? If possible then I'd start with Hornbill (or possibly our call centre software as the call centre tends to have more joiners and leavers) as a proof of concept and then look to extend it to other software licenses and hardware (I suspect there's been some politics about adding hardware to Hornbill in the past which has limited what we can do in this area with Hornbill). Thanks!
  5. We're back too.......thanks for sorting that!
  6. Yes, my customers have been very proactive in letting me know.......which as I already said is handy as at least I know they're using the portal (pre-pandemic most customers phoned the service desk however it's flipped to 60ish percent raising requests via e-mail so am keen to "encourage" them back to the portal). It's just less than ideal timing as I've had to drop out of a training session to handle this in order to ensure my 1st line team can continue to attend while had a second line engineer call in sick today so it's me holding the fort right now!
  7. Is there any way we could have identified this without raising via the forums - our first port of call is always the status page when we have a blip with Hornbill. I've had management ask me for an update so not really keen to go back with that this isn't "the definition of an outage" as I've had a considerable number of direct calls today from users (still, at least they're using the portal).
  8. Also having issues here - is this outage something that should be reflected on the status page? Thanks!
  9. Afternoon, have searched the wiki and our internal documentation (and the person who originally set up Hornbill here departed some time ago so my Hornbill admin is trial and error - most days it feels like more error) however am now a bit stumped and would rather avoid making a mess of Hornbill so posting here....... We have a batch file which runs as a scheduled task in turn runs a number of separate individual JSON files/scripts(?) which synchronise Hornbill with our AD - looks like there's a separate JSON file for each OU that gets synchronised with Hornbill. Have found https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=LDAP_User_Import_2.0_(Deprecated) which looks like what was set up when Hornbill was first implemented here and not been touched since. A new OU was recently created for a new on site 3rd party provider working with our Estates department and as we run Estates on Hornbill this OU needs to be synchronised with Hornbill - as such I believe I'll need to create another JSON file specifically for the new OU and add to the batch file (or can run manually and once confirmed working add to the batch file but I digress). Have looked at the existing JSON files and there's not much going on there (pretty much every section after the Directory Server Connection Details (LDAPServerConf) is blank) so suspect that I'd only need to change the OU details in the DSN field....... I thought I read somewhere that JSON is a fairly old way of doing this and that there's an LDAP synchronisation tool (as per https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=LDAP_User_Import) - is this now the preferred way of synchronising Hornbill and AD as if so, I guess I have a bit more work ahead of me! Thanks!
  10. Second post of the afternoon - it's almost like Friday afternoon is a good time for this sort of thing. I've been working with our contact centre on moving them over to Hornbill as well and have a query about how to accomplish something with a progressive capture - I've been asked if it's possible to set up a question as per the table below where in one field the user confirms if the ticket type is required and then the cost. Based on my limited experience with Hornbill so far I don't believe there is this sort of functionality to ask all this in one go and that instead you'd need to implement a number of branches based asking whether each type is required and if Y, confirm the cost and if N, move on to the next ticket type. Hopefully this all makes sense......thanks!
  11. Hiya, we're planning on archiving an account of the individual who drove the implementation of Hornbill here - we had a trial run and found some documents and a workspace assigned to them which we've (ok, I've) sorted. I've had a query from our change manager (as this is going through as a change) requesting I look into changing board ownership as there a couple of boards which he's the owner of (am assuming so as their profile pic appears in the bottom right hand corner of the board icon in Boards) however am a bit stumped as to how to amend this and also if there's any potential impact here. Searched high and low and found this but wasn't sure if there'd been any updates on this functionality? Thanks!
  12. Saw the screenshot had been deleted - sorry. I appreciate there should be an error in the logs - didn't want to copy the whole thing for obvious reasons but I'm also trying to deal with some staff issues here while doing a compulsory training session. I really wish pubs were open.
  13. @Victor - we have now have almost 60 messages sitting in the Outbox. Oldest appears to date back to 2/2. Have tried forcibly resending however attempt fails. I'm stumped - can raise with our infrastructure however don't recall any major 365 changes (none that we're aware of anyway). EDITED BY ADMIN: Image removed - personal data (email address)
  14. Are there still any issues with sending e-mails as I've just had reports that there's 50+ in our outbox here - all pending and appear to have had a number of attempts to resend. Seems intermittent as can send direct to myself from our servicedesk inbox in Hornbill if that makes sense. Not going to lie, could have done without that this morning :-(
  15. Hi @Victor and @Steve Giller - still no success with this one. Our Infrastructure Manager has tested POP3 access with this mailbox using MS Diagnostic Tools which showed a pass but then checked and updated the connection in Hornbill only to have it fail using the same credentials. Our Infrastructure Manager then tried recreating the inbound mail connection in Hornbill and was able to successfully test however once the connection was saved it went back to constantly failing. I'm absolutely stumped now.
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