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  1. Hi @Victor - we don't have huge numbers of names changes but the majority requests for names changes tend to be weddings/divorces. Probably should note that we're looking at moving from JSON to the LDAP user import too as well.......
  2. Hi, is there any guidance on how to handle name changes in Hornbill? The majority tend to be basic users (I've had a handful of "user" user types - we've just updated the new account with the same roles as previous) and I'd like to make sure I'm handling these properly (there's a json process which runs to create users however get the occasional blip with duplicate names) - especially ensuring that request histories are still accessible under the new account. Thanks!
  3. Thanks @Steven Boardman! Looks like I have a bit of light reading ahead of me.......
  4. Hiya, we have a bit of a hardware refresh going on and are taking this opportunity to tidy up our asset management. Apologies for the newbie question however is it possible to import linked asset relationships (e..g desktop and monitor(s)) or is this something that has to be done manually later? I've read through https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Database_Asset_Import however can't see anything related to linked assets? Thanks!
  5. Hi @Steve G, thanks for the advice (and apologies for the belated reply) - I don't think I'd have every found that setting otherwise!
  6. Hiya, was hoping for some advice on an issue we recently came across when trying to import a new user....... We had an existing user called Dave Smith (for the sake of the post) and had another Dave Smith recently start - the first Dave was set up in AD as dsmith while the second was set up as dasmith however the second Dave's account failed to be imported into Hornbill. I managed to get as far as the scheduled job which handles imports - was pointed in the direction of the log files and found an entry Unable to Create User: The specified handle [Dave Smith] is already in. Turns out the original Dave Smith left a while back (AD account disabled) so we renamed the original Dave Smith's handle in Hornbill user management and then successfully re-ran the import job. Is there something that needs to be done to cater for this scenario? Apologies for the vagueness - I'm very new to Hornbill administration.
  7. We're also having issues with Hornbill here - was slower than usual to respond about an hour ago however have just had a couple of actions time out completely.......
  8. Hi, I was hoping someone may be able to provide some guidance on how to update 2000+ orphan requests? We tried setting up some rules to automatically create requests based on incoming infrastructure alerts - something went a bit haywire and we now have 2125 orphan requests which are stinking up our Hornbill instance. I'd rather not spend a day going through and manually resolving them so was hoping there might be a way of updating them in bulk. I've been able to export a list of the orphan requests however it maxxed out at 2000 so need to look where to increase this limit if an export will help. Disclaimer is that I'm not strong with SQL but can call on assistance if required? Thanks!
  9. Hi @James Ainsworth- thanks for getting back to me! After further investigation this actually appears to be a local browser/machine issue - I found today that I was also unable to raise any new requests or incidents (only tried changes on Friday) while one of the users who was affected on Friday reported that they're now fine while I've found that I'm able to raise changes/incidents/requests in Hornbill from another machine (and also on my machine using Chrome in incognito mode while it's also working in IE - once I remembered IE still exists). I'm going to try resetting Chrome back to initial settings shortly so hopefully that'll resolve the issue (I did try clearing the cache etc etc before posting last week)........
  10. Hiya, we've just started encountered an issue with service manager when raising a new change where the process just hangs entering the customer name (it resolves but after hitting next just sits and spins with the Hornbill logo. We did some work on new Change progressive captures and business processes yesterday however didn't touch any live items (as far as I'm aware). The odd thing is that it seems to work for one person but not others - I've tried a couple of browsers and clearing caches but nothing. Currently running Service Manager Build: 1471 - we're scheduled to update to 1480 next week and tend to avoid changes on Friday as much as possible. Any assistance at all would be most gratefully appreciated! Thanks........
  11. Hiya, I'm trying to delete a couple of catalog items however hit the delete button, click the OK to confirm that I'd like to delete the catalog and its transitions but the catalog item doesn't go anywhere! My line manager who has the same admin rights was able to first time so have tried a couple of different machines and browsers (IE11 and Chrome 71.0.3578.98) but have the same issue. Can anyone suggest what else I should check - it's not a showstopper but it's one of those niggly issues I'm determined to sort out...... Thanks!
  12. Hiya @Victor - is there any update on a fix for this bug? I'm working on the monthly report again and noticed that the bus with the show top X records is still there. Thanks!
  13. Hiya, I've just had the "ServiceLevelChangeEventCalendar" pointed out to me as apparently it's a new calendar in Hornbill - I haven't had to do much admin in this area so hadn't picked up on this until now. Have googled away and searched both here and the Hornbill wiki but not been able to find any reference to this calendar - can anyone advise what the purpose of this calendar is (I can hazard a guess from the calendar name but it'd still be a guess) and if there's anything I should be aware of with this? Thanks!
  14. Update. We updated to build 1393 and still having problems with the widget which are set to show the top 10 (or indeed anything as changing the number of records doesn't make any difference). I just can't see anything wrong here and the widgets haven't been changed......
  15. Hiya, had anyone encountered an issue with widgets where despite setting it to return the top 10 records that the widget returns all records - we've tried manually adjusting the number of records returned to 1 and 11 to see if it made any difference but no. We're currently on build 1385 if that's of any relevance - will most likely be updating to the latest build on Thursday as per our process. Have attached a example screen shot of the error in our monthly top 10 by service portal widget last month - have had to blank out employee names along one axis however hopefully the issue is clear as there's a lot more than 10 results appearing. I tried recreating the widget from scratch and had the same error. Thanks!
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