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  1. Hi @Victor and @Steve Giller - still no success with this one. Our Infrastructure Manager has tested POP3 access with this mailbox using MS Diagnostic Tools which showed a pass but then checked and updated the connection in Hornbill only to have it fail using the same credentials. Our Infrastructure Manager then tried recreating the inbound mail connection in Hornbill and was able to successfully test however once the connection was saved it went back to constantly failing. I'm absolutely stumped now.
  2. Thanks Steve - this is a very strange one. I've reviewed the article (this mailbox was set up a couple of years ago and the last change on the account prior to these issues was about 12 months ago when we updated the password and successfully tested. The error does seem to indicate that the password is being rejected by the mail server however the interesting bit is that I'm able to log into Office 365 directly using the same credentials. I've changed the password to another suitably complex one and successfully tested using Office 365 so tried updating Hornbill and get the same resu
  3. Hi, I have a shared mailbox (used by our Estates) department which last updated in Hornbill around 8 days ago. It was set up by my predecessor to connect via pop3 to outlook.office365.com - checked and all settings in Hornbill are identical to the servicedesk inbox which is still working. I've been able to log in directly to the estates mailbox via Office 365 using the password we have recorded in our password vault however when trying to test the connection in Hornbill I constantly get the below. I'm stumped so would appreciate any advice on where to look next.......thanks!
  4. Hi @Mary - thanks for that! I think I spent so long searching for that setting that I couldn't see the forest for the trees (facepalm).
  5. Hi, we've just stumbled across https://community.hornbill.com/topic/13871-request-message-email-template-selection/ thread and would like to implement the ability for analysts to select templates rather than being limited the just the one. Can anyone please assist with locating app.email.request.operation.templateSelectable as have been through various settings but just can't find it. Thanks!
  6. Hiya, I was hoping for a bit of advice on reporting on updates on requests from my 1st and 2nd line team...... At a high level I've found a couple of my team are resolving far fewer requests now they're working remotely however they've mentioned that with the majority of the organisation working remotely that they're encountering delays contacting users so I'd like to be able to see just how often they're updating requests each day and if possible (and better still the type of update e.g. comment / phone call etc) however unfortunately I lack the skills and intellect to work this out for
  7. I've had complaints from my team about this too (all Chrome users - none of them like Edge) - have a couple starting later so will ask them to note the URL and cookies etc......
  8. Can I confirm when the next service manager release is scheduled for in that case?
  9. Hiya @Hornbill Support Team- is there any update on customer names not populating when raising a request from e-mail? I'm covering my first line team for a bit and it's frustrating to say the least.
  10. It's all working now - our Infrastructure team reported that they were unable to find anything amiss however I have had reports from all of my team that they were prompted to log on to Hornbill again within the last 20ish minutes or so. @Hornbill Support Team - is there anything that took place which would have required my team (and potentially all of our users) to log in again?
  11. We've noticed that e-mails aren't pulling through to Hornbill following yesterday's outage - the timing is a bit too coincidental as last e-mail appeared in Hornbill at 16:39 while the first e-mail "stuck" in Office 365 was received at 16:51 and we first noticed Hornbill issues around 16:45ish which were reported resolved via Hornbill Status twitter at 17:14. I've checked the hornbill pop3 e-mail connector successfully also checked the servicedesk account in both AD and office 365 accounts and they appear fine (was able to log into the O365 web portal and see e-mail is being delivered the
  12. Morning, well, afternoon now! Has anyone else noticed issues with reports where csv files are corrupt however xls files appear ok - we have a number of scheduled reports and it appears they broke between 00:00 on the 9/11 and the next report run on 00:00 on the 10/11. Have just tried running a couple of reports which output to csv and the output is garbled so added xls to the output formats of these problem reports and once again, the xls output is fine. Thanks, Rob
  13. Hiya Hornbill - is there any update on this issue as it's causing some frustration amongst my team........
  14. Help, I've just had this reported to me from one of our more interesting internal users - apparently this just started recently and I haven't had any other reports of affected users (let alone which OS/browser this user is on - and unlikely to get a response before Monday from them now) I am absolutely stumped on how to progress this (I suspect that it's one for our Infrastructure team given the error message however I don't know where to start troubleshooting this (and Infrastructure are likely to send it back to me claiming they can't help) so would appreciate any pointers? Thanks!
  15. Hi, is anyone else encountering performance issues with Hornbill - had a Cloudflare timeout while both live service manager and the admin pages were particuarly sluggish this morning. I'm working from the office so have decent bandwith (I checked......) while others working from home are also noticing degraded performance. Thanks!
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