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  1. Hi, I am trying to use the Hornbill data export tool. my config file is setup as follows: { "APIKey": "*****", "InstanceID": "*****", "Database":{ "Driver": "mssql", "Server": "WFSQLTEST", "Database": "Hornbill_AD_export", "Authentication": "Windows", "UserName": "svcintSqlServer2", "Password": "*****", "Port": 3389, "Encrypt": false }, "Reports":[ { "ReportID":209, "ReportName":"Test update of Active Directory", "DeleteRep
  2. Hi I would like to create a report on Catalogue item config and wanted to know which tables would be involved in the report structure. The fields/columns are: Service, Email template, Resolution category level, Portal visibility, catalogue item, type of item, Progressive capture, BPM workflow, Visibility and Status
  3. Hi Trevor, Thanks for the feedback. The gentleman (Stuart Tores-Catmur) who normally looks after the hornbill system is currently on leave. could you provide some steps to correct the username and password? regards
  4. Thanks Victor, The data categories on our old support-works system had become a little inconsistent due council reshuffles and redundancies so management decided start off with a fresh slate. This means we didn't want to import old data that will be categorised in a better way with the hornbill launch. A few of our departments still need to reference historic information and retrieve attachment occasionally for legal reasons. I was thinking about a folder structure where all attachments are in a folder named with the call ref. Is this possible? regards
  5. Hi, We are currently in the process of decommissioning our old support-works application but need staff to be able to access old calls and their attachments (i.e. maybe in a excel file or Access DB) Do you currently have a solution for companies that decommissioned support-works in the past? is there a way of storing attachments in a directory structure so staff can access? Is there any useful advice on the best way to go about? regards Richard
  6. Hi, I would like to create a report for active (non-Archived) user accounts and cannot find any obvious fields that I can reference to achieve this. Which table and field dictates if a record/user account (in h_sys_accounts) is archived or not? regards
  7. Hi, We have a security incident at the moment with Hornbill whereby the Hornbill service is sending data in to Exchange across the Internet using POP3 (Port 110) but is not using an encrypted (TLS) connection. As a result, Usernames and Passwords are being sent in clear text across the Internet to our Exchange environment. We have identified the cause and we would like to switch on TLS for POP3 connections ASAP – however, can you please confirm with Hornbill that they are able to communicate using POP3 with TLS before we do so?
  8. Hi, I'm trying to create a report that displays the account type which is "Basic" or "Full". Does anyone know which table and field i need to reference in order to display the user Type? Note: I have already tried including the field "h_sys_accounts-> h_user_type" in the report config but it comes up empty
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