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e-mail action changes


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We are forced to use the email action to communicate with users because the Update action does not notify the user of a change.

In using the email action we notice that there are two key features missing which appear to be available when creating an email by just clicking on the customers email address. So, I wonder if these features can be added to the email action function. They are:


1. Format bar - Ability to format the email (bold, italics etc)

2. Ability to past in a screenshot. (this was one of the things that my analysts were most excited about being able to do when I showed them this function within the update action. However, because we are forced to use the email action instead this benefit is lost).


Would anyone else support these changes?






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Hi @Keith

There have been a few requests lately to provide formatting and the adding of images to the Email Action.   We are working on implementing a new Email component that will provide this functionality into the Email Action of a request so that it behaves more like the standard email form.  

We have a few challenges to overcome which related to the current use of the email templates and the snippets.  Once we have a solution for these two items and how they will work with the new email component we should be able to move ahead.



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