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Reporting - Tickets Logged per Year

Stephen Hutchinson

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Hi Stephen,

 thanks for your post. A metric such as this is possible with both Hornbill Advanced Analytics and the Reports functionality located in Hornbill Administration.

Advanced Analytics -  Home > Service Manager > Advanced Analytics - If you want a simple count, a measure can be created to obtain the number of requests logged during a specified sample period. Upon creating a measure, specify the frequency as "Yearly", the Value Aggregate as "Count, and the Date Ranging Column as "Date Logged". 
In the query where clause add any specific criteria that you need e.g. if you want to limit the count to only incidents, specify "requesttype = 'incident' ". Save the measure and then select re-sample. 
When a measure is set to sample on a yearly basis, the count will be gathered at 23:59 on the 31st December each year and will continue to do so until the measure is suspended or deleted.

Reports - Home > Service Manager > Reports - It is possible to build a Report to output a list of the requests logged within a specified date range. This is done in the "filter" tab by specifying a filter which allows you to enter a date range at the point of running the report.
The image shows the filter configuration that will allow you to do this. It will also be necessary to add any other filter criteria that you desire e.g. request type.

With this filter configured, when you run the report (by clicking the "Play" button towards the top right) you will be presented with a pop-up where you can choose your date range.

Hope that helps.


Between dateTime Selector.PNG

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