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Specify default timeline filter


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Good afternoon all,

We were wondering if it were possible to specify a default filter for the timeline view within a request. Feedback from our analysts indicates that it would be terrific to be able to view only certain types of messages by default and still be able to view all the others when necessary. The only way I know of to hide certain types of messages if by changing the default visibility within the advanced settings.


Any ideas? Thank  you!

Best regards,


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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your post.  There isn't a way that you can currently set a default filter for the timeline.  I can see how this would be useful.  One of the things I was hoping to improve first was to have some sort of visualization that a filter is currently applied. Otherwise it would be too easy to miss something in the timeline if you haven't realized that there is an active filter.  Another step toward this would be to make the filter selection persistent for each individual so as they navigate through their different requests it will keep the same filter until they change it.



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