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Calls not using same workflow when clicking "Raise New" button to raise a request


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We have just started using Hornbill in a Live environment, hope this will be an easy fix for someone out there. When my colleagues on Service Desk use the Raise New button to log a call - we are only using Incidents and Requests for the moment - the calls are logged but they aren't following the same process as calls logged on the portal. For example, the options to assign the call and amend the priority are not being displayed, and no notifications are being sent.. Any advice?

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Hi Derek,

The raise new button by default uses the 'new request' Progressive capture. To change the progressive capture flow you can update the  app.itsm.progressiveCapture.newRequest setting in the admin portal -> Service Manager -> Settings -> search for the above setting -> add in the name of the progressive capture flow that you would like to use instead.

Alternatively you can update the new request PC flow, although just so you have the original copy I would personally recommend copying the new request progressive cature first.

The process that gets called is the process defined against the catalogue item per call class, per service, or if there are no catalogue items the process defined in the workflow drop down against the service (per call class again). If there is no process defined, or if a service was not selected during the logging process then there is another setting to change the default process when an incident or service request gets logged -  app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.service and  app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.incident. Again simply change the name to the process that you would like to set as default, or copy and update the default process.

Hope this helps.



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