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Customer Search - Email Raise Request where contact works for multiple organisations

Martyn Houghton

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Along the same lines to the post below about the issues with searching/selecting customers with the same name or working for multiple organisations in the Progressive Capture, this also applies to when logging requests from email using the Raise Request, but the display of matched contacts is even more restrictive. We have a significant number of contacts which work for multiple external organisations, i.e. shared services etc, so when logging a new request from email we need be able to select the appropriate contact for the organisation they are logging the request against. However at the moment the display of matching contacts when you click on the Raise Request screen just shows the contact name only, where as in PC it will show the organisation.



This issue also applies where a shared mailbox is used by a number of contacts at an organisation as well.

Like in PC, the list is also limited to a fixed maximum of matches, which could do with being able to page through the results or make the maximum number of rows returned a configurable setting.

If the organisation name can be included in the results list, this would address the primary issue. Further option would be to able to hover over the contact name and see a summary window, like when viewing a request list search result.


At the moment we have to select one, check in it in the Progressive Capture, cancel it if it is the wrong one and then keep trying each of them in turn to locate the one for the correct organisation.



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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

We will change the behaviour of the Select Customer pop-up by presenting a User's Organisation name along with User's name (as is now). We will let you know as soon as this is available in a Service Manager app update.



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