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Resetting Auto Values


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After running the data clear down for incidents and service requests, is there a way to just reset the Auto Values counter for just these class types?

We want to go live with Change Requests and leave their call records in place with sequential numbering, whilst restarting SR & IN call records/ID's as these will still be in test for a while longer.

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Thanks for the post.

All of the requests, regardless of the class Incident/Problem/Change, use the same auto value counter "itsmRequestsAutoId" to increment, so it would only really be sensible to reset the counter if you were to clear down all requests otherwise you could possibly run into scenarios where requests may fail to log due to it trying to create a duplicate reference.



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That's what I feared, thanks for confirming this David. We'll just have to reset the counter a single time when clearing the entire system before we go live with change management and just be mindful that there will be gaps in the call id numbers when we run the clear down for incidents/service requests.

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