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Role to administer portal appearance

Melissa Gurney

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Hi - I have been asked to post this on here by support.

The look and feel of the self service portal will be administered by our web team. This is the only admin role they will require. I have created a custom role that includes the Application right of "ManagePortalSettings" but they do not appear to have been granted access. I have checked your documentation and wiki pages but cannot find anything covering this.

Are you able to advise what rights the users will require in order to carry out portal administration?



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I think the best you can achieve is to give access to (whole) "Manage Portals" section in "System" in Admin tool. It will give them access to all portal options including customisation and account management. I don't think there is a role that can disseminate to this level. If this is suitable for you then the role you need is "Manage Application Strings" in "System Rights" -> "Configuration". Like this:



And this is what they will have access to:





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