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Flow code exception errors

Guest Adrian Hodgson

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Guest Adrian Hodgson

Hi this is Adrian from ORC International.

We have an urgent issue with multiple flow code exception errors in the email folders. Please contact us first thing on Monday morning to resolve this

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@Adrian Hodgson,

Can you please be aware that the forum is not the best place to raise a request for support.  If you have an extended support contract or if you have a system failure then please use our web form and raise a support request with the support team, the support request form can be found here.  https://www.hornbill.com/request/ 

In this case we have circumvented our own internal process to raise a support request for you which is not ideal, I will be asking the team to ensure that support requests are only raised through the proper channels.  I am sorry if this sounds draconian but in reality we have to manage our service levels because we are contractually bound by them and are generally held to account when we fail. Of course the nature of our product means all of our customers do understand this :)




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