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Our Service Desk technician has queried if it would be possible to add an open call counter to the Analyst stage of the Progressive Capture so that when she is looking at the list of people in the team that a job is being added to, she can see how many open calls each person has at that time and allows us to manage the distribution of calls.

The number of calls open in brackets after the technicians name would be sufficient.

Not sure if this is possible of if there is an easier way of doing this in the system already. We can look at the number of jobs assigned by using the views in the request list screen, but having it to hand when assigning a call would be useful.



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Hi Graham,

Thanks for your post.  I was wondering if you had considered automating the assignment?  There are Business Process options for your workflow that can look up the most available based on the number of requests that each support person has.  It also takes into consideration their availability status so if they are away they will be skipped.  It is also means that it is one less thing in progressive capture that someone raising the request has to worry about doing.  Progressive Capture also does branching so you may also be able to work in some scenarios where you want to manually assign and others that can be automated.

We will also consider some options for showing the current workload as this would be useful where automation is not appropriate. 



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