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What would be the best way to export the call data so we can run reports on it?

I've set up some reports in the Advanced Analytics but there are some things we'd like to do that aren't possible in the module and we want to be able to include the information in a PowerPoint presentation so they would be better in Excel

We'd also like to be able to keep the monthly report data to look back on for trending

I'm thinking that we might need to export data for calls logged/closed/resolved in the last 12 months

We would need to export this data every month

In SuportWorks I had an Access database with an ODBC link to the SQL database and had some VB code to export the results of a series of queries into Excel, one query per sheet, and then I had charts linked to that data



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Hi Pete, 

I would start with the request list.  If the information that you are looking for is available within the request list, then you can export directly from there.  You may want to start with creating a Request List View to define the criteria to capture the requests that you would like to export and then use the export option on the request list.  This will generate a CSV file.  You may need to use the cog in the top right of the request list to add the columns that you wish to include in the export.

If your exporting needs goes outside of what is available in the request list then you can use the Database Direct tool within Administration to build your queries and export to CSV from there.

The purpose of the Measures is to maintain this type of historical data where it takes a snapshot of the data and stores it separately so you can see the change in the values based on the sample periods.  I would be interested in having some details of the reports you are trying to create so we can see what options we can help with or possibly provide new features in the future to accomplish them within Hornbill.





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Thanks James,

I've set up a view so I can export a CSV file, had to change the limit on number of records it exports as it was limited to 1000

I tried setting to 0 as it said that would be no limit but then it wouldn't list any calls on the view and said there were too many to display

One example of a graph I've been asked to produce is one showing the number of calls opened per month v the number of calls closed per month along with a line showing the difference in those two numbers

It's using negative numbers for the number of tickets closed

Another example is as follows, I've had to make up the data for illustration purposes as it would need to be a snapshot in time at the end of each month

This is looking at the how many calls are outstanding for each age range per month


And lastly, calls opened and close per queue


We would then want to incorporate the graphs into a presentation i.e. PowerPoint

We may also want to keep them to look back on at a later date for a comparison




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