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Is it possible to filter tickets lists such as not assigned if you are not part of that team, I have team managers who I don't want to add to certain teams as I don't want to spam them with assignment emails however they need to be able to filter the list of all the teams?



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Hi Gareth,

I've just looked into this and spoken to our developers and it appears this is a defect - if creating a view, all teams that support that service (which in your case is EVERY team) should be available to select in the drop down list (providing the application user viewing the request list is a member of one of those teams). We have raised this and will be investigating shortly with the aim to fix and release this in an upcoming Service Manager release.



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Hi @gwynne

I wanted to make sure that the issue mentioned above has been resolved for you.  I also wanted to point out a new feature in Service Manager build 914 which has just been released, that lets you control which members of the team are available for assignments.  This may not prevent all of the notifications that you mentioned above, but it may provide a few more options for you.  The documentation can be found here



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