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Logging jobs via the service portal - "Site" details arent being pulled through


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We have an issue with customers logging jobs through the service portal. Customers log into the portal using SSO, however when they log the job the “site” value isn’t being pulled through.

I’ve checked in the admin panel (the new one is very nice) and each customer has the “site” value mapped to their user. Also, if I was to log the job via the live system, the “site” value gets pulled through and populates on the job.

The attached screenshot shows the issue that we’re getting.




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Hi @bwood,

I hope you're doing well and please accept my apologies on behalf of Hornbill for leaving your post unanswered.

I just wanted to let you know that I have tested raising a request through the Service Portal and I can confirm that the Customer's Site is populated within the details section of a request. We have also raised a defect to apply this form of behaviour to the Auto Responder operations.

I hope that you are no longer experiencing this issue.



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