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Auto Task a one time scheduled request

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I am hoping this is a thing that can be done and I have just been over looking it: Can one setup an auto task that is able to create a one time scheduled request?

Reason for this: I am looking to better enable loaning equipment, having the ability to create a scheduled request for the equipment return would improve the probability of getting loaned equipment back from end users.

How I see the workflow:

1. A request for borrowing equipment is opened

2. We capture the time frame they wish to borrow the equipment

3. The tech assigns and links the hardware in the ticket.

4. Upon the resolution of the ticket an auto task kicks off that pulls the end borrow date and the linked asset and creates the one time scheduled request to reclaim the equipment.


If this is not a feature this seems like it would be a great expansion on the auto task feature.

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Why would you not simply pause the existing Request until the loan expires, then email the borrower and the Request Owner that the equipment needs returning?

Or if you really need a separate Request, just Raise one from the Workflow, assign it to a Team with no Members (so no-one will see it and interact with it) then assign it to the original Owner when the return is due.

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Thanks for confirming.

While I will end up doing as you have pointed out, the idea of having auto tasks interact with the function of a one time request just seems really helpful. Maybe it's a perspective thing, from my point of view I see it like this: why have a ticket exist to remind me of something? When I could have something just create a ticket at the time of the action, this is the kind of thought process that comes from scheduling on a calendar vs flagging an email.


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