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Widget scorecard counters stretched out

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When viewing scorecard data on our dashboards now, we are no longer able to view all results in the same window. The counters appear to be stretched out with more white space around each measure. Has anyone else encountered this issue or is this by design as there appears to be no way of adjusting the spacing between? I've tried tweaking the display options and creating new widgets/dashboards but still can't seem to fit everything in the same window anymore which allowed for screen prints to be taken.



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Following the update yesterday the distance between each measure is now displaying correctly again but unfortunately its still not fitting in all the scorecard counts when looking at the dashboard view. When you look at the widgets themselves, everything looks ok when using a preview width of 50% or higher so the issue just appears specific to the dashboard view now. Is there anything further which can be done to enable all three charts to be displayed in the same section? I can get it displaying everything if changing the column widths to 50% but then I can no longer fit 3 alongside one another which is what our managers ideally want to see.


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