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Lee C

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Hi All

Been looking for guidance for reporting, how do i create a report if possible where it shows me a count of how many times our self service portal request and incident forms have been used?

Just trying to find the popular ones, thanks

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We can't directly report on Intelligent Capture usage, but as each Capture is tied to a Catalog Item, and each Catalog Item raises a Request, you can work backwards from that.

So (on my Instance) if you report on request raised against the "New Laptop Required" Catalog Item, you will know that uses the "Laptop Request" Capture, and you can count the numbers that way.

Off the top of my head (please check before trying to build this)
h_itsm_requests.h_catalog holds the Catalog Item's name.
h_itsm_service_catalog.h_pro_capture holds the CI's Intelligent Capture ID
h_bpm_procapture holds the actual Capture

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