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loginID not containing a value from a Get Customer Node


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Hi there, 

Today when using a node to send out an email I wanted to CC the customer using the following to capture the customer's login ID. &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getCustInformation2"]["logonId"]]
However these value appears to be blank, even though all of the users in our organisation (and I've double checked the account I tested this on) have a loginID setup.

I was able to get around this issue by using the following to capture the customers email address - &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getCustInformation2"]["primaryEmailAddress"]]

Would there be any reason why my original use of the loginID wouldn't work despite having a 'GetCustomerNode' and the Customer's account having a valid loginID?

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@Fizza Before any further discussion, we need to have a more clear understanding of the terms "Customer" and "Logon ID". When referring to the customer, it is important to specify whether this pertains to the customer of the request at hand. Furthermore, we need to determine if this customer is an external user, such as a contact, or an internal user, such as a basic or full user. This distinction is essential in order to accurately assess the situation and provide appropriate solutions.

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