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HAi Announcement and Feedback

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For anyone that missed the announcement email yesterday and not at the London HUG: 

Introducing HAi Hornbill's new suite of AI-driven efficiency tools

Boost agent efficiency with simple, AI-powered tools that help agents resolve requests, capture valuable knowledge, and communicate with customers.
We're launching HAi officially at our London and Manchester user group events on 20th and 27th March. If you want to be first to get your hands on these new AI-driven features, you can sign up for our HAi beta group.
Register for the HAi Beta Group

Following on from the first presentation at yesterdays London HUG and the communications going out to customer contacts via email i just wanted to share some resources clarify some FAQ's and leave a thread open to discuss with the community.



  1. What data is transmitted to OpenAI?
    See the documentation for full details and breakdown of data being sent https://docs.hornbill.com/servicemanager-config/administration/hai#data
  2. Whats it going to cost?
    Currently pricing has not yet been finalised but will be shared as soon as its all confirmed, you can still sign up to the beta and details be shared as we have them available
  3. Can we restrict who has access to HAi?
    The first update of HAi includes a new out of the box role in service manager 'HAi User Role' you must have this role to be able to interact with any of the HAi functionality, we are still investigating ring fencing business data around the following:
    • Restrict the types of requests users who have access to HAi can use the functionality in, this example would prevent certain requests from using HAi due to data privacy issues, one way we can do this is by restricting at the service level.

      We would love more feedback from customers around the types of restrictions you would need to be able to roll out HAi within your organisation. 
  4. How does the Beta Program work?
    Once you register your interest we will select 8-10 customers to be part of the program, these will be customers initially happy with HAi and processing of data through OpenAI. In early April those accepted will get communication with all the user documentation and the eLearning material that must be completed before we will enroll your instance in the beta program. From that point you are free to enable HAi features.

    We cannot accept everyone on this beta but we may well reach out to a few more organisations after the first wave should be have answers to some of the questions preventing them from signing up. 

Important Note: As with all Generative AI Solutions please review the content being generated and feedback to us issues, problems and concerns. We cannot prompt engineer all issues away but some things we can address and occasionally it may respond with inaccurate or unhelpful content that should be flagged before sending directly to a user. Where we have automations its currently advised to review these manually before automating the response directly back to the end user. 

I have spoken to a few customers already around concerns sending corporate data to OpenAI and would love to speak to any others who have not already reached out so we can understand all the concerns and work towards something that we can all benefit from. Just for details, our usage of OpenAI is covered by their Enterprise Privacy Policy this prevents data passed to OpenAI by Hornbill from being used to train future models and whilst currently they do store the input and output of the usage for 30 days to monitor for abuse we have requested this feature be disabled on our account so that no customer data is stored by OpenAI. 


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Just a short update especially for those that have expressed interest in the HAi Beta Program

  1. In the next release of service manager (Hopefully next week) we are introducing a new role 'HAi User Role' that must be assigned to all users to interact with HAi in Service Manager, this allows you to restrict the roll out within your organisation. We are still looking at additional ways of ring fencing different business units from interacting with HAi but nothing concrete just yet. 
  2. We are running a little behind on rolling out the Beta Program and SITS Next week is a big one for most of the teams at hornbill so we hope to have communications out to those on the program later on in the month, sorry for the delay.
  3. There is still space on the program if you are interested in participating especially with the addition of the Role Level access control, please do apply Register for the HAi Beta Group.

Thanks to everyone who has already applied and all the feedback following the HUGs.

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A question regarding the HAi features. How do they handle different languages? Can you ask it to summarize, suggest resolution etc, for example in Finnish, or German?
We handle external support in multiple languages and often the timeline is a mix of English and local languages.

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2 hours ago, HHH said:

A question regarding the HAi features. How do they handle different languages? Can you ask it to summarize, suggest resolution etc, for example in Finnish, or German?
We handle external support in multiple languages and often the timeline is a mix of English and local languages.

Great question, we utilise OpenAI's GPT Models which are fairly good with translation, summarize will take in a timeline with any number of different languages and output a summary in the analysts current session language. If an analyst comes along to read that summary with a different session language they will be presented with a translate option like with other parts of Hornbill. 


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