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Authorization Custom Fields

Lee C

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Hi All

This might be a simple request for some but look to be struggling to find the section where these are setup, so someone has put in these custom fields to use for authorization nodes on the new equipment workflow

I have a new workflow created for the order of new sim cards where i want an auto email to go to the budget approver for the chosen cost code, i know there is the external authorization node which uses these custom fields, does this mean i will need to setup and assign my own custom fields so i can use them on my flow? if so where are they?



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11 minutes ago, Steve Giller said:

Hi @Lee C

There are a number of ways to populate Custom Fields, the two main ones are by Mapping fields in the Intelligent Capture - see the documentation for details, or by using an Update Request -> Update Custom Fields node in a Workflow - see this page for details on Workflow nodes.

Thanks @Steve Giller the update request custom field was what i was looking for :)

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