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Change Scheduled Dates not being picked up in email template


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We have a couple of emails that are triggered once a change is scheduled.    As of this morning they are not displaying the scheduled date/time - the emails just show the {{.H_start_time|formatLocalTime}} 

The fields are being populated in the Change Request and other fields in the email are working correctly.  Nothing has been changed in the workflow or email template.   Any ideas what's going on?

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@LouiseT the most common reason for the placeholder variable displaying is that at the time of generation the value is not available to the Template.

The best way to test this is to create a Timeline update just before the email node so you can see what the actual values are.


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@LouiseT Assuming your email template is stored in the Requests section, please see this thread: 

At some point in the last month, the ability for email templates in the Requests area to see Change Record Extended fields (the ones you mention) was removed so your email cannot see the data. You need to migrate your email template to the Change Requests area and then alter your workflow in the way AndyG mentions in the thread above to point to the Change Requests area (set the "Email Template Entity" option drop down to "Manual" and then select "ChangeRequests".)

When you do this, any non-Change field reference need to be pre-fixed with "Requests" This caught me out too.


References to non-Change fields need to be 'pointed' back to the Requests tables:image.png.a698e049726729c14b8db417d625687c.png

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