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Azure Resource Query - Import Assets

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We have successfully got our servers updating in Hornbill from Azure Arc, Is there any information on how we can update the software inventory for the servers or refer to a defined query in Log Analytics Workspace at all?

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Hi @Jim,

My Apologies for the delayed response. Neither MS Intune nor MS Arc Imports Tools can retrieve installed software details from Azure. This is due to performance reasons related to how this information would need to be accessed due to a lack of a suitable Microsoft API. During a conversation with the Integration Developers team, I was informed that Microsoft recently provided a new API that may be able to resolve the issue. However, this new API is only available for Intune; there does not look to be an equivalent for MS Arc at the moment, and therefore, until a better method is available, hands are currently tied. 

Our development team will be looking out for any further developments in alternative methods if possible, and once available, will be looking to update the tools accordingly. One thing that would be useful to the team in order for them to calculate the potential load, is if you could provide the following details:

  1. The approximate number of Detected Applications.
  2. The number of Managed Devices




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@Jim @philip ross, Apologies for the delay in responding. Our development team has made some progress with efficiently retrieving installed software via the Intunde data import tool. I'm not 100% sure if this is possible via MS Arc. I will look for further details and provide an update later today.

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Do we know how this is possible for Virtual machines without ARC, I'm finding in a resource query that the information is in different tables, so for some I can use this query in Resource explorer to pull back the data I need, How would I put this into the json config?


    | where type =~ 'microsoft.compute/virtualmachines'
    | project vmId = tolower(tostring(id)), vmName = name
    | join kind=leftouter   (Resources
        | where type =~ 'microsoft.network/networkinterfaces'
        | mv-expand ipconfig=properties.ipConfigurations
        | project vmId = tolower(tostring(properties.virtualMachine.id)), privateIp = ipconfig.properties.privateIPAddress, publicIpId = tostring(ipconfig.properties.publicIPAddress.id)
        | join kind=leftouter (Resources
            | where type =~ 'microsoft.network/publicipaddresses'
            | project publicIpId = id, publicIp = properties.ipAddress
        ) on publicIpId
        | project-away publicIpId, publicIpId1
        | summarize privateIps = make_list(privateIp), publicIps = make_list(publicIp) by vmId
    ) on vmId
    | project-away vmId1
    | sort by vmName asc
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Hi @Jim, will need to take a look at this in more detail and get back to you, I know that we have recently made changes to the Arc import regarding the inclusion of software inventory, but I am not sure what is possible for devices that do not have ARC and what is possible.

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I have updated our import and all I get even though there is definitely changes is the following, and some don't have any software listed, I wonder if I am doing something wrong? I haven't changed anything from the template for this and just added the keysafe keys and workspace id's etc, I have access in azure via the UI so its not permissions issue

2024/06/18 11:58:39 [AzureArc] Running Log Analytics query for software against  asset. Please wait...
2024/06/18 11:58:39 [DEBUG] Asset match found, no software inventory updates required

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