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Certificates upon completion of courses?

Adam Toms

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Hi all,

I'm really glad to see the Hornbill Academy launch, and have already taken the opportunity to enrol and complete some courses. 

I appreciate its still early days, but for more the more advanced courses, like some of the workflows and perhaps ITOM specific ones in that will be coming in the pipeline.

Will the Academy look to provide some certification? Whilst the badges are a handy feature and allows you to see at a glance, I do think some digital certificate, would be a really nice touch.


Many Thanks


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@Adam Toms

We are definitely looking to build out a certification program, thats in the long term roadmap. We would like to see our customers gain a higher level of procifiency and experience with our product, which continues to evolve with ever more comprehensive capabilities, we recognise that customers are not even aware of the scope of our product capabilities, something we believe the academy, the new documentation and otehr customer-enablement initiatives we are starting to build out.  

We are currently focused on content, and we have quite a ways to go with that, but, we are investing this this initiative, and have a dedicated team of people behind the academy focused on building this out. We appreciate the feedback, please make use of the academy and all feedback welcome.  There will be a certification program in the future, but thats very unlikely to appear in 2024, we need a lot more content development first, which is where our current focus is. 


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